Категория Men, Juniors
Национальность KAZKAZ
Дата рождения 3/30/2000 (20 лет)
Мировой рейтинг Men 187
Очки мирового рейтинга Men 52.5
Мировой рейтинг Juniors 32
Очки мирового рейтинга Juniors 275
Гонки 2

Социальные сети



Dear friends , I’m a 19 year old ice hockey player from Almaty, Kazakhstan who came to the United States with a dream of continuing my hockey career in high school . Unfortunately , thorough no fault of my own , that dream was denied.... Now as a college student in a New York City I was offered a unique once in a lifetime opportunity to represent my country in a new extreme sport Red Bull Ice Cross . Participation will not only make me proud to be the first ever representative from Kazakhstan in this sport , but also will give me the chance to finally apply my ice hockey skills in this Great country of opportunity .

Результаты карьеры
Место расположения Страна Тип Категория Ранг Точки
Mont Du Lac USAUSA ATSX 500 Juniors 7. 275
Mont Du Lac USAUSA ATSX 500 Men 52. 52.5